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        The ranch is located on the west slope of Sheep Mountain and extends well across the Centennial Valley towards the Snowy Range of the Medicine Bow Mountains.  Elevation runs from7840 feet in the west haymeadows to 9000 feet on the east along Sheep Mountain.
        The Centennial Valley is located 20 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming.  It is reached via Wyoming State Highway 130 from the east, Wyoming State Highway 230 and Fox Creek Road from the south and seasonally from the west via 130 over the Snowy Range.  The town of Centennial (population 100) is located in the northwest corner of the valley.  The town of Albany (population 15) is located in the southwest corner of the valley.
        Hecht Creek Ranch is named after the small, year round stream that flows from two canyons in Sheep Mountain onto the ranch.  The ranch buildings are located along and above Hecht Creek.  The creek itself is named after Mr. Reynold Hecht who founded the ranch.


  • The ranch is founded by Reynold Hecht.

  • William Hecht, son of Reynold, homesteads additional lands including the location of buildings along Hecht Creek.

  • A large meadow (west  haymeadows) is purchased from the Dole Brothers.
  • A homestead is purchased from Mrs. Snapp, Henry Hecht's mother.

  • Gudmund E. and Emma K. Sundby purchased the ranch from William Hecht.

  • Gudmund Sundby greatly improves the ranch with the addition of several reservoirs, irrigation  ditches, clearing sagebrush and planting crested wheat grass.

  • Gudmund Sundby dies tragically in an automobile accident.

  • Emma Sundby passes away and the ranch ownership transfers to her granddaughter's L. Susanne and K. Roxanne Squires.

  • The Sigel family purchases the ranch September 9th.
  • Ed  Sigel and Harmony Hendricks with their two children Moxie Wyoming and Matthew Asa Agustus (Gus) relocate to the ranch on September 17th.
  • The Sigel family places a Conservation Easement on the ranch with the Wyoming Stock Growers  Agricultural Land Trust (WSGALT).  The Easement provides that the ranch will not be subdivided and creates a building envelope.

  • Dorothy and Art relocate to the ranch.
  • On April 1st construction of a new home begins led by Matthew J. Sigel.
  • Ranch operations include: grazing leased out for 150 cows with calf's, purchase of first cattle (22 cows) and the first hay harvest. 


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